Read-it project


READ-IT keynote and presentations at ‘READING CULTURE AND LIBRARIES IN CHANGE’ conference, May 2019

Brigitte Ouvry-Vial and François Vignale will both attend and present at the ‘READING CULTURE AND LIBRARIES IN CHANGE’ conference, at the University of Turku, Finland, 22-23 May 2019.The conference is organised by the Consortium LibDat: Towards a More Advanced Loaning and Reading Culture and its Information Service, with the University of Turku. It seeks to address the rapid changes in contemporary reading habits, and how these developments impact upon the central institutions of reading, such as libraries, schools and universities.


Brigitte Ouvry-Vial offers a keynote entitled ‘E-Searching the European Common Reader?’, as well as a seminar. François Vignale will present a paper entitled ‘Modelling the dynamic of reading: the READ-IT project’, and contribute to the preliminary seminar. Take a look at the conference website for further details: