Read-it project


Colloque Humanistica 2021: Association francophone des humanités numériques (10-12.05.2021)

The conference Colloque Humanistica 2021, in Rennes (France), took place on 10-12 May 2021. READ-IT team members François Vignale, Guillaume Le Noé-Bienvenu, and Guillaume Gravier presented a couple of articles.


One included: ‘ “Je pense que ça traite d’expérience de lecture, à voir …”: retour sur une expérience d’annotation collaborative’ (‘ “I think it’s about reading experiences, let’s see …”: a feedback on a collaborative annotation campaign’). The co-authors describe their work: Following a data-based approach, we have created a theoretical model and ontology (Reading Experiences Ontology, REO, offering a minimal description of the reading experience.

However, in order to go beyond the theoretical stage, it appeared necessary to launch a collaborative annotation campaign. This campaign took place over 10 weeks from March to May 2020 with the participation of 10 Literature and Languages graduate students. The sources were online readers’ comments taken from the French and English reading forums Babelio and Goodreads. The results of this campaign were mixed. The quality and accuracy of the annotations are very heterogeneous. The inter-annotator agreement rate was very low. This is mainly due to the fact that the concept of reading experience is still vague and does not have a universally accepted definition at the moment. In the end, this experiment shows the need to reformulate and clarify most of the basic concepts by being much more explicit and giving clear instructions.