Read-it project


Francios Vignale presents READ-IT

READ-IT Team Member François Vignale presented the project at Progedo, Nantes, on September 30 2019. The title of the workshop was : ‘Les enjeux de la réutilisation des jeux de données dans la recherche et l’enseignement’ (challenges of reusing datasets in education and research).

This was closely followed by a presentation at Reseed, Paris, October 18 2019. The title of the conference was: ‘Créer et transmettre: la fabrique numérique du patrimoine’ (Creating and transmitting: the digital heritage factory), and François’ paper was entitled: ‘Construire une ontologie de la lecture : le cas du projet READ-IT’ (Designing an ontology of reading : the case of READ-IT project), which presented the data model and its challenges, and the strategy the READ-IT Team adopted.

To hear more about François‘ role on the project, check out these short videos from the Open University: