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READ-IT French chatbot launched (05.02.2021); Le Mans conference (31.03-02.04.2021)

The READ-IT project team are delighted to announce the launch of the French version of our chatbot, ahead of the “Voisins” conference at Le Mans Université, 31 March to 2 April 2021. The chatbot can be accessed via the web or through the Telegram app. Thanks in particular to Elena Prat (Le Mans, France) and Alessio Antonini (The Open University, UK) for development and release of the chatbot.

The web version of the French language chatbot can be accessed here:

The chatbot is also available on the Telegram App here:

You can find out more about the “Voisins” conference here: and there is an information sheet to assist you in contributing to READ-IT here: Descriptif Colloque Voisins