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New Publication (July 2019): ‘Reading and Gaming’

READ-IT Consortium PI Prof Brigitte Ouvry-Vial, together with Chloé Aubry & Cora Krömer (all Le Mans University) have produced a new publication, “Reading and Gaming” in a special issue of the journal Publije (2019), Issue 1. This issue was inspired by the workshop “Gaming & reading: compare, contrast and complement” (ANR Reading in Europe, programme EnJeu[x] and COST Action E-READ), co-organized by Brigitte Ouvry-Vial and Adam Sofronijevic, at Le Mans University in November 2015 and includes some papers from the workshop.

Table of contents: No 1 (2019) : Reading & Gaming [Dir. C. Aubry, C. Krömer, B. Ouvry-Vial]

 « Introduction : Reading & Gaming » Chloé Aubry, Cora Krömer, Brigitte Ouvry-Vial

« “Building Communities of Readers”. Reading in Italy in preschool age » Elisa Marazzi

« Comparaison de l’activité de lecture entre un livre et son adaptation numérique enrichie, expérimentation et analyse des dimensions de l’expérience utilisateur » Nicolas Esposito

  « “Single, taken or in love with a fictional character?” How fanfiction could help us understand (digital) reading » Katrin Tiidenberg

« Médialisation et gamification en littérature allemande contemporaine ? Roman par e-mail et mix multimédia chez Daniel Glattauer et Andreas Neumeister » Bruno Dupont

 « Evolution of Reading: The Case of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, a fantasy tabletop role-playing game » Francesca Orestano 

« From codex to ludex: paper machines, digital games, and haptic subjectivities » Caleb Andrew Milligan

« Constructing a Dystopian Narrative Through Reading in ‘Papers, Please’ and ‘Orwell’ » Annika Elstermann

« Do gaming and reading have a common relationship to empathy and theory of mind ? »

Marina Kotrla Topić